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William Swales - 9th April 1785 - X002

Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my grandson William Swales 100 when he reaches 21. Should he die before him then the 100 to his brother John Swales when he reaches 21. 

Should John not reach 21 the same to be divided amongst my grandchildren, John Watkin and Frances Watkin.

To my grandson John Swales the copyhold land I bought off Joseph Dibb at the Hollins, near Hampsthwaite.

To my grandson John Watkin 40 when he reaches 21, chargeable to the land at Hollins, now occupied by William Holmes.

To my granddaughter Frances 200 when she reaches 21; she is to have the yearly interest once she reaches 16. should she die before reaching 21, the same to her brother John.

To my daughter Frances Swales the estate in the Hollins, now occupied by William Holmes, chargeable with the above 40. Also all my household furniture, except a dresser and chair, which I give to my daughter Jane Mountain.

Residue of my estate and effects to my Executors, In Trust for my grandsons William Swales and John Swales.

I appoint my nephews John Simpson and Thomas Thackeray, of Hampsthwaite, Executors, and to receive the rents and apply them for the education and maintenance of my grandchildren, and guardians.

Witnesses : William Holmes, Isabel Ridsdale, William Bramley

Inrolled 15th August 1804




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