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William Craven - 26th April 1788 - X003

Killinghall, Yeoman

To my wife Sarah Craven my household goods and furniture, my stock of cattle and husbandry tools, for the maintenance of my children.

To my brothers John Craven and Thomas Craven, 460 In Trust to invest and to give the income to my wife for the maintenance and education of my children, and to pay my legacies :

To my daughters and son, Mary Craven, John Craven, and Ann Craven, 50 each when they reach 25.

To my sons and daughters, Richard Craven, George Craven, Isabella Craven, Ellen Craven, and Betty Craven, 50 each when they each 21.

To my wife, 10 when my daughter Betty reaches 21.

Witnesses : John Oliver, John Marshall




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