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James Brown - 23rd June 1789 - X004

Leeds, Merchant

To my daughter Jane Brown, 600 when she reaches 21. Prior to that the interest to be used for her maintenance and education.

To my four sons, William Brown, James Brown, Charles Brown, and Fountain Brown, my moiety of a Copyhold estate in Bilton with Harrogate.

To my two sons William and Charles, 100 each, as Trustees/Executors, for the trouble they may have in the execution of this Will.

All my household goods, chattels and furniture to my five children.

The residue of my estate to my four sons.

I appoint my sons William and Charles, along with my brother Charles Brown, Executors and Trustees and guardian of my daughter and son Fountain.

Witnesses : Robert Keighley, Edward Richardson, William Benson




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