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Hannah Catterson - 11th March 1794 - X008

Scriven with Tentergate, Widow

My Copyhold property in Scriven-with-Tentergate occupied by myself and Samuel Barrett, Eleanor Sinclair, and Hannah Barugh, to my son-in-law William Hardwick and his wife Hannah Hardwick.

At their death the same to my grandchildren William Hardwick, John Hardwick, Richard Hardwick, Hannah Hardwick, and Elizabeth Hardwick.

The 50, now at interest with John Turnbull the younger of Knaresborough, to Edward Mountain of Knaresborough, Upon Trust to apply the interest for the benefit of my daughter Hannah.

[Personal items then listed for her grandchildren.

Residue of furniture and personal estate to Edward Mountain, Upon Trust, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Francis Fairbank, William Benson, Thomas Richardson

Inrolled 4th March 1801




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