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Thomas Wilkinson - 24th March 1794 - X009

Knaresborough, Linen Draper

My real estate, stock in trade, and household contents to my wife Elizabeth Wilkinson chargeable with :

300 to my sister Ann Wilkinson.

300 each to my nieces Mary Smith, Ann Smith, and Elizabeth Smith.

If my wife is pregnant at my death the child, if a boy to receive 1,000, and if a girl to receive 500. if there is a child then the sum of 300 to each of my nieces is to reduce to 200. If 2 children then the sum to reduce to 100 each. Also if one or more then the sum of 300 to my sister to reduce to 100.

[Named items to his nieces]

My pew in Knaresborough to my wife whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : James Collins, Francis Fairbank, Thomas Richardson

Codicil - 24th March 1794

Adjustment of legacies to nieces.




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