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John Dougill - 25th September 1793 - X017

Menwith with Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Stone Mason

The land I bought off Thomas Haxby (now divided into two closes) and containing 5a 3r 33p, to my daughters Rachel Hobson, wife of Joseph Hobson, and Sarah Dougill. My daughters are born of my wife Grace Dougill who was the daughter of Joseph Spence, late of Darley, deceased, chargeable with an annuity of 3 10s to my wife.

My house in which I now live, along with the land, to my son Joseph Dougill, chargeable with :

An annuity of 3 10s to my wife.

40 each to my sons John Dougill and Robert Dougill when they reach 21, and a further 60 each on the death of my wife.

Two further annuities of 3 10s to be used by my wife for maintenance of my sons John and Robert.

[Named items of furniture to his wife]

Residue of my personal estate to my son Joseph whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Haxby, William Haxby, William Snow

Appraisement by Robert Pullan, John Spence, Thomas Steel, and Robert Walker.

Probate 17th March 1802.




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