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John Moorhouse - 26th March 1798 - X021

Gill Bottom, Hamlet of Clifton, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

To my nephew Robert Moorhouse the land called Whetstone Park at Hardisty Hill, Fewston, chargeable with :

20 to my nephew John Brown.

10 to my nephew James Brown.

20 to my niece Mary Hardisty, wife of William Hardisty.

20 to Mary Robinson, daughter of my late niece Susannah Robinson.

1 1s each to Robert Robinson and Richard Robinson, sons of Susannah Robinson.

To Robert Moorhouse the house and land of 19 perches at Bank, near Old Camp, Clifton, now occupied by Jeffray Driver.

To my nephew Simeon Moorhouse my real estate at Gill Bottom, now occupied by myself and John Bramley as tenant, chargeable with :

20 to my niece Sarah Darnbrough, the wife of Joseph Darnbrough.

2 2s to my sister-in-law Elizabeth Moorhouse.

1 1s to my cousin Peter Moorhouse.

2 2s to Dorothy Kettlewell, daughter of my cousin John Taylor; and 1 1s each to the rest of his children.

1 1s each to the children of my niece Sarah Darnbrough.

1 1s each to the children of my nephew John Brown.

An annuity of 10s to my servant Sarah Isles and the use of the house that I now live in. At her death I give the yearly rent of 8s to the poor widows living at Clifton.

[Named items distributed]

Residue of my estate to my nephews Simeon Moorhouse and Robert Moorhouse, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : William Andrew, Thomas Isles, John Bramley

Inrolled 6th November 1799




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