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Stephen Parkinson - 14th April 1798 - X022

Knaresborough, Fellmonger

To my brother Thomas Parkinson and my cousin John Parkinson, of Otterburn, 400 In Trust, to invest at interest.

Interest on 300 to be used for the maintenance of the son of my late brother John Parkinson, and when he reaches 21 to receive 250 (part of the 400).

Interest on 100 to be used for the maintenance of the daughter of my late brother. This to increase to interest on 150 when her brother reaches 21. When she reaches 21 then to receive 150.

To my nephew-in-law Robert Gruniston, son of Ralph Gruniston of Nidd, 200.

All my real and personal estate to my brother Thomas.

Witnesses : Peter Earnshaw, Christopher Earnshaw, Ann Earnshaw.

Inrolled 19th February 1800




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