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John Oliver - 6th May 1798 - X023

Knox Mill, Killinghall, Miller

To my wife Mary Oliver, whom I appoint executor, the money mortgaged in Knox Mill and 150 which is mortgaged in some land to Thomas Bradfield, of Killinghall. Also 80 mortgaged in a house belonging to Charles Thackray of Low Harrogate. Also all my goods and personal estate.

I appoint my brother-in-law Thomas Henson to be my Executor in Trust for the one third profit coming from the mill called Scarah Mill, leased to me and held under the firm title of Oliver and Webster & Co., for the benefit of my wife and four children.

I appoint my wife and Thomas Driffield as Executors in Trust for my one twelfth share of the cotton mill at Knaresborough which is held under the firm title of Curtas Driffield Oliver & Co, for the benefit of my wife and children.

To my son John Oliver 300 when he reaches 21.

To my daughters, Ann Oliver, Mary Oliver, and Hannah Oliver, 150 each when they reach 21.

My wife to repay 200 which I owe, to my uncle John Oliver, and 200 owing to Abel Archdale.

Witnesses : John Hewitt, Mark Swailes, William Henson




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