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John Russell - 23rd May 1799 - X027

Beckwithshaw, Gentleman

My copyhold estate at Beckwithshaw and all my farm stock to my wife Elizabeth Russell. This estate to be sold at her death.

£150 to my daughter Margaret Russell after my wife’s death.

£20 to my daughter Mary Shuttle, already having had £30.

£20 to my daughter Catherine Wilkinson, already having had £30.

£20 to Mary Wilkinson, daughter of Catherine, when she reaches 21.

£40 to my daughter Ann Graham, already having had £10.

£50 to my daughter Isabella Jackson.

£50 each to my daughters Frances Russell, Elizabeth Russell, and Sarah Russell, when they reach 21.

Residue of my estate to be equally divided amongst my children.

I appoint my wife and daughter Margaret as executors.

Witnesses : Robert Nelson, Benjamin Winterburn, Charles Baynes

Inrolled 29th January 1800




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