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Robert Crosby - 16th January 1800 - X037

Pannal, Gentleman

The real estate to the south of my house to my wife Mary Crosby. At her death the same to my son William Crosby.

The interest on 500 to my son-in-law Rev John Umpleby and his wife Ann Umpleby. Also the interest on 200.

At their death I give the 700 to be divided amongst their children.

The interest on 200 to my daughter Mary Umpleby, the wife of William Umpleby. At her death the same to her children.

100 to my granddaughter Jane Umpleby when she reaches 21.

100 to my daughter Sarah Crosby. Also all my estate at Menwith with Darley. If my son William wishes to purchase the estate he may, at 600.

To my son William, the house in which I now live, with all the real estate to the north. Also all my personal estate, chargeable with the above legacies. I appoint him executor.

Witnesses : James Collins, Edward Richardson, Samuel Powell

Probate 29th April 1902.

Registered at Wakefield Registry of Deeds in BE 467 629

Proved at York 10th March 1828 with effects under 1500

Inventory by William Bentley, Bryan Prockter, Joshua Hardisty, and John Williams available.




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