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Joseph Corker - 20th January 1800 - X039

Pannal, Shoemaker

My real estate at Bilton with Harrogate to Henry Hopps of Knaresborough, Currier, Upon Trust to borrow or mortgage sufficient money to repay Francis Fairbank of Knaresborough, Attorney at Law, of all expenses relating to the Defence of an Ejectment brought by John Law for the recovery of a house now occupied by Robert Richardson; also the sum that Henry Hopps may want from me for goods sold and delivered together with costs.

Upon Trust for the residue of my estate to go to my wife Ann Corker during the minority of my children Mary Corker, Ann Corker, Joseph Corker, and James Corker; when the youngest reaches 21 then my real estate to be devised to my four children. 

Witnesses : William Bentley, Bryan Prockter, Joseph Demain

Codicil 30th March 1800

To my wife an annuity of 4 when my youngest child reaches 21.

Witnesses : Bryan Prockter, Joseph Demain, Samuel Prockter

Probate 5th June 1800




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