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Joseph Stubbs - 22nd January 1800 - X040

Hampsthwaite, Linen Manufacturer

To my wife Elizabeth Stubbs the house and close I recently bought off Robert Gilbertson, along with the adjoining close I bought off William Graham. At her death the same to Mrs Elizabeth Buck of Ripley, Widow. Also an annuity of 20.

To my brother William Stubbs of London 50, and to my sister Sarah Buttery 100; both to be paid after the death of my wife. 

To my sister Ann Lax the interest on 150 for the remainder of her life. At the death of my wife and sister the 150 to go to her children.

To Mary Hartley the wife of John Hartley of Killinghall, 100 after the death of my wife.

The residue of my estates to my nephew Joseph Stubbs of Ripley, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Robert Keighley, Edward Richardson, George Colley




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