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John Wood - 23rd May 1800 - X048

Scotton, Yeoman

All my clothes to my brothers Matthew Wood and George Wood.

My real and personal estate in Scotton to my brother Matthew and my friend Francis Buck, Upon Trust to :

10 each to my nephews John Wood, and Matthew Wood.

5 each to my nieces Mary Wood, Ann Wood, Jane Buckle, the wife of Henry Buckle.

10 each to my nephews John Stephenson and Robert Stephenson.

5 to Mary Stephenson, daughter of Thomas Stephenson.

5s to my niece Hannah Wood.

10 to my niece Mary Wood.

10 to my nephew Richard Wood.

5 each to my niece Jane Headley, and nephews George Wood and Matthew Wood, the daughter and sons of my brother George.

Profit from my personal estate to be used for the education of my granddaughter Margaret Wood.

5 to each of my Trustees, whom I appoint as executors.

Witnesses : James Collins, Edward Richardson, Samuel Powell




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