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Thomas Myers - 27th July 1800 - X053

Menwith with Darley

To my nephew William Myers, son of my brother William Myers, 15.

To my niece Ann Whittley, wife of George Whittley, 10.

To my two nephews, Micah Myers and James Trees, whom I appoint as executors, my real estate at Menwith with Darley, called Hill Land and now occupied by William Myers as tenant. Also all my personal estate. Upon Trust to divide amongst :

My nephews and nieces with my sister Hannah Myers and my brother Joseph Myers, deceased Thomas Myers, Joseph Myers, Samuel Myers, William Myers, Mary Smith, Jane Barnbey, Elenor Myers, and Sarah Myers.

My nephews and nieces with my sister Hannah Myers John Myers, William Myers, Micah Myers, Elinor Sibbson, Hannah Hardgroavs, and Jane Bake, with Ann Trees, daughter of James Trees.

A legacy of 200 to my late wife Mary Myers from her uncle Joseph Stoney is to be paid :

10 to my sister Elizabeth Carter, the wife of Nicholas Carter.

10 to my sister Mary Lightfoot, the wife of Thomas Lightfoot

5 to each of my executors.

Residue of the 200 to go to my nephews and nieces above named.

Witnesse : William Furniss, Isaac Greaves, Robert Walker

Thomas Myers - 27th July 1800 - X054

Original Will of above.

Inrolled 11th February 1801




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