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Thomas Oddy - 8th June 1801 - X064

Armley, Parish of Leeds, Yeoman

The house and shop in Morley, now occupied by John Middlebrook, to my brother Benjamin Oddy.

My stand in Leeds Cloth Hall to my grandson John Oddy, son of Benjamin [+ named items]

To Martha Walker, wife of John Walker and daughter of my brother Benjamin, [named items]

The residue of my personal estate to my brother Benjamin,

My Copyhold property at Timble Great, now occupied by John Kent, to my brother Benjamin and Samuel Hainsworth of Addle Hills, Upon Trust to sell and place 100 at interest. Interest on this sum to be paid to my brother William Oddy of Gildersome, and at his death the capital sum to be divided between Benjamin Oddy and Elizabeth Oddy, the children of my late brother John Oddy.

Also out of the sale to give 10 to Thomas Oddy the son of my cousin Joseph Oddy.

The residue of the sale money to be equally divided amongst Benjamin Oddy, John Oddy, William Oddy, Elizabeth Gaunt the wife of William Gaunt, Martha Walker the wife of John Walker, and Mary Oddy, the sons and daughters of my brother Benjamin.

I nominate my brother Benjamin and Samuel Hainsworth as executors.

Witnesses : William Wainman, John Wood, John Skelton




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