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Rt Hon Alexander Wedderburn, Earl of Rosslyn & Baron Loughborough - 20th November 1801 - X070

To Lady Rosslyn an annuity of 1,200 in lieu an annuity of 800 she is entitled to under the marriage settlement. Also 2,000 and the choice of plate and furniture to the value of 1,000. she is also entitled to 4,000 secured to her by a mortgage.

My Freehold estate to my nephew Sir James St Clair Erskine and at his death, all male heirs failing, to my nephew John Erskine

My Copyhold estate to my nephew John and at his death, all male heirs failing, to my nephew Sir James.

To my niece Lady Mary Erskine 5,000. 

Sir James owes me a considerable sum advanced to him about 1792, part secured upon his estate, but the greater part by life assurance. I bequeath this money to him.

I discharge all debts owing me by John Erskine.

I appoint my two nephews executors, and give them the residue of my personal estate chargeable with the annuity to my wife.

Witnesses : J Attwood, C H Parry, J Phillott

Codicil - 25th March 1803

The house I have recently bought in St James Square to go to St James on the proviso that my wife may live there if she chooses, and to be kept in repair by him. If she chooses not to live there then she is to receive a further 300

To Lady Rosslyn for the benefit of her nieces Lucy Coles and Charlotte Coles 2,000 in lieu of the 2,000 left to her.

Probate at London 22nd January 1805




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