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John Strother - 28th November 1801 - X073

Killinghall, Gentleman

All my household furniture and personal effects to my wife Ann Strother.

At her death the same to my two sons Richard Strother and William Strother.

My Oil Mill adjoining the River Nidd in Killinghall, with the house and all other buildings, now occupied by my son Richard and James Barker, to my son Richard, chargeable with 750 to my son William .

The residue of my real estate at Killinghall and Bilton with Harrogate to my wife Ann. Should she remarry then she is only to receive an annuity of 30.

To my son Richard the houses/shops in Killinghall now occupied by him, Christiana Calvert and John Kitching, also the close in Bilton with Harrogate now occupied by him.

To my son William the close called Moor Close, in Killinghall, now occupied by Henry Robinson.

To my daughter Ann Robinson, the wife of Henry Robinson, the house and four closes in Killinghall, now occupied by Henry Robinson. Also the two cottages now occupied by John Lund and William Triffitt (the last named I bought off William Gibson).

To my son-in-law John Hawkridge 300 after the death of my wife.

To my granddaughter Ann Strother 300 when she reaches 21; meanwhile her Guardians are to receive 5 per annum towards her maintenance. Should she die before 21 then the 300 to be shared amongst the children of my son William.

The property I now live in along with the two closes called Sand Crofts, the Lidget Hill Close and Richardson Close, I give to my two sons Richard and William, chargeable with the above two 300 legacies.

To my son Thomas Strother 5 5s as a small token of my affection towards him; having previously given him his fortune.

I appoint my sons Richard and William as guardians of my granddaughter Ann, and appoint them executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Stocks, William Calvert, Francis Fairbank

Probate 18th October 1803. Inrolled 26th October 1803.




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