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John Simpson - 5th June 1802 - X085

Knaresborough, Gentleman

My burgage house in High Street, Knaresborough, in several tenements, occupied by John Wilson, Richard Noble, Thomas Gibson, Augustus Banks, Thomas Fawcet, and Richard Kitchen. Also the house and close in Scriven with Tentergate occupied by William Wheelhouse. Also the two closes in Bilton with Harrogate occupied by Matthew Thackwray. All these to John Wilson and his wife Mary Wilson.

At their death the same to their children. Chargeable with a annuity of 10 to Sarah Ellingworth, the daughter of Thomas Ellingworth.

The house, barn, and closes in Knaresborough and Scriven with Tentergate, now occupied by James Lee , to my nieces Mary Ellen Wray and Dinah Wray.

To my son-in-law John Walsh the waste building occupied by myself, Ann Steel and William Ross, with the shop and other outbuildings. Also all my household goods. Also my looms and implements of trade.

To George Simpson Wray of Chelmsford, Essex, 500. Should he die before me then the same to his children.

To John and Mary Wilson 100. To their sons John Wilson, Robert Wilson, and George Wilson, and their daughter Mary Ellingworth, the wife of Thomas Ellingworth, 100 each.

To Mary Ellen Wray and Dinah Wray 100 each.

To my cousins John Simpson, Elizabeth King, and Margaret Clarke, 5 each.

To Christopher Hopwood and Robert Hopwood, of Plumpton, Thomas Calverley of Pannal, Ann Spence and Mary Robinson of Scriven, William Hopwood of Knaresborough, 5 each.

To Thomas Dickenson and his sister Isabella Dickenson, children of George Dickenson, 2 10s each.

To Jane Scruton, my servant, 5.

Residue of my estates to George Simpson Wray and John Walsh, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : James Collins, Samuel Powell, George Colley

Codicil - 17th January 1804

The share of the residue to go to George Simpson Wray, to go to his children should he die before me.




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