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Thomas Sadler - 11th May 1803 - X093

Arkendale, Yeoman

My house and buildings at Alne to my son William Sadler.

To my wife an annuity of 5 chargeable to my house and land at Staveley.

My house and land at Staveley to my daughter Ellen Sadler, and at her death if no issue then the same to my sons William and Abraham Sadler, chargeable with the annuity and 15 each to the children of my daughter Elizabeth Scott.

To my son Abraham 200 chargeable with a further annuity of 5 to my wife.

I bequeath the Tenant Right of my farm, all the crops, and the residue of my real and personal estate to my sons William and Abraham, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : James Collins, Edward Richardson, George Colley

Codicil - 13th June 1803

200 to Abraham is changed to 150.

Witnesses : John Dixon, Samuel Powell

Probate7th November 1803.




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