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William Day - 11th February 1804 - X104

Birstwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite

My real estate at Birstwith and Felliscliffe, occupied by myself, Ann Wheatley, and David Goodall, to my wife Sarah Day, Rev Nussey Holmes of Leeds, and Joseph Stoney of Pateley Bridge, Upon Trust to sell, and after payment of my debts to apply the residue for the benefit of my sons.

My real estate in Menwith Hill, now occupied by Thomas Greaves, William Demaine, John Swires, William Buck junior, William Umpleby, and Anthony Demaine; also a close, called Low Intack, next to Thomas Greaves farm and occupied by me; also the three close on the south side of that farm, now occupied by me, to my wife Sarah. At her death the same to my son John Day.

My house and two crofts, that I bought off the late Rev Christopher Johnson, at Thornthwaite, to my wife Sarah. At her death the same to my son Francis Day.

My real estate at Menwith Hill, now occupied by John Kidd, Joseph Umpleby, and John Steel; also the two closes call Thornhill Allotments, now occupied by myself and William Umpleby; also my woods and plantations on Menwith Hill, now occupied by myself and John Kidd; also all my interest in a farm at Hookstones in the Township of Menwith with Darley, now occupied by John Robinson; also my 14 Cattlegates on Dacre Pasture; also my close and barn near to Dacre Pasture, now occupied by William Buck senior, to my son John.

My real estate at Padside, now occupied by William Whitley, Francis Snow, George Bramley, and William Tulley, to my son William Day, chargeable with 500 to my wife Sarah six months after he reaches 21.

My house, barn and close called Abbot Garth in Dacre with Bewerley, now occupied by Francis Snow and William Wigglesworth, to my son William.

My real estate in Thornthwaite and Greenhow Hill, now occupied by Charles Pullan, Richard Holmes, John Robinson, Richard Snow, and myself, to my son Francis.

My real estate at Menwith with Darley, now occupied by Joseph Metcalfe and John Greaves, to my son Francis.

If any of my sons die before they reach 21 then their share is to be divided amongst the others. As my sons are now under 21, I appoint my wife Sarah, Nussey Holmes, and Joseph Stoney as Trustees and Guardians.

The residue of my real and personal estate to my wife.

Witnesses : William Bilton, Ann Bilton, William Bailton

Probate to Sarah Day (Nussey Holmes and Joseph Stoney having renounced) 5th December 1804 [See X111 for Renunciation and an Inventory]




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