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Frances Watson - 26th June 1804 - X105

Wife of Rowland Watson of Thorpe Arch, Gentleman

[This is a huge Will of 22 pages which you should read for yourself. Names and relationships only extracted]

William Blakey, father, deceased; William Clayton, Trustee; John Greenwood the younger, Trustee; William Ellis, son; Joseph Blakey, deceased; Lister Ellis, son; William Redman, tenant in Wadsworth; Marian Watson, daughter; Joseph Pighells, tenant in Keighley; Alice Bentley, wife of William Bentley of Law Hill, Halifax; Fanny Merryweather; Ann Whitaker; Peter Wilkinson, son of my uncle Peter Wilkinson; Thomas Clapham, son of my late aunt Elizabeth Clapham.

Witnesses : John Spencer, Henry Lister, Betty Lees

Codicil - 30th June 1804

[No new names]




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