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Ralph Gilbertson - 20th September 1804 - X109


To my wife Frances Gilbertson, John Dearlove, and George Abbey, all my real estate at Staveley and Rocliff, In Trust for my children. Also my personal estate, goods and chattels, and my Lease of Speller Farm, belonging to Mrs Fish at Lynn in Norfolk.

When my eldest son John Gilbertson reaches 21, to allow him part of the estate as seen fit by my Trustees.

My other children : Dorothy Gilbertson, Elizabeth Gilbertson, Francis Gilbertson, Ralph Gilbertson, and George Gilbertson, to receive part of my estate when they reach 21.

Witnesses : James Atkinson, William Lonsdale, Matthew Pollard

Inventory by William Fletcher and Robert Brittain available




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