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William Harrison - 1st October 1804 - X123

Gallow Hill, Scriven with Tentergate, Parish of Knaresborough, Farmer

To my sister Hannah Marshall the interest on 300. At her death the principal sum to go to her children : John Marshall, Ann Marshall, and Hannah Marshall.

To the children of my late brother, Thomas Harrison : William Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Emanuel Harrison, Ann Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, and Margaret Harrison : 100 each. William and Thomas to receive their share one year after my death, and the remainder when they reach 21. My executor to receive the interest on the principal sum. 

I give my purse to Richard Thompson of Minskip and appoint him Trustee and Guardian of Margaret and Emanuel.

The residue of my personal estate to my wife Dorothy Harrison whom I appoint executor.

If my nephew William should not return or die in America, then when his death is assured then his share to go to his brothers and sisters.

Witnesses : John Thompson Snr, William Young, Mary Palister

Probate 6th August 1906. effects under 1,000




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