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George Bramley - 14th May 1806 - X126

Padside, Parish of Hampsthwaite

All my goods and personal estate to Christopher Cullan Junr of Dacre with Bewerley, and his brother Matthew Cullan of Thornthwaite, In Trust to :

Sell and invest, and apply the interest for the maintenance of my children. When the youngest reaches 21 the principal sum remaining to be divided amongst them.

I appoint my Trustees as executors and guardians of my children.

Witnesses : John Skaife, Samuel Bramley, John Graham

Probate 14th May 1806. effects under 100.

Inventory by John Nelson, Thomas Petty, James Hardisty, and Zachariah Holmes available.

Codicil - 7th May 1806

To my son John Bramley (by the consent of John Day the landlord) the benefit of he farm I occupy at Padside, and that my executors lend him 20 out of the principal sum I placed at their disposal.

Witnesses : John Wigglesworth, Samuel Bramley, George Skaife




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