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Richard Surr - 25th July 1803 - X132

Scriven with Tentergate, Cordwainer

My real estate in Scriven to John Poulter of Scriven, Linen Weaver, and David Lewis of Belmont near Knaresborough, Yeoman, Upon Trust, to allow my wife to occupy the same for ten years, and to receive the profits for the support of my children. If she should remarry or allow her parents to live with her then my Trustees are to immediately dispose of same. This money to be divided amongst my sons John Surr, Joseph Surr, and George Surr, and my daughter Jane Surr.

After ten years my real estate to go to my son John, chargeable with 8 each to my sons Joseph and George, and 6 each to my children Jane Surr, Ann Surr, Margaret Surr, William Surr, and Richard Surr.

[Logical tail and entail details follow] [Named items distributed amongst his children]

Residue of personal estate to my wife.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, George Colley

Enrolled 18th June 1806






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