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Robert Petty - 30th March 1807 - Y030

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite

To my son Robert Petty the house, barn, and three closes containing 5a, (3.5a of which was awarded to me by the Enclosure Commissioners, the remaining 1.5a I bought off the late William Day of Birstwith) at Menwith Hill and now occupied by my son Thomas Petty.

I give the newly erected house and barn with 14a of land which was awarded to me by the Enclosure Commissioners, along with the land I bought off the late John Wilkes of Darley, containing 8a, situated at Stone Bids within the Township of Menwith and Darley, and now occupied by Solomon Jackman, to my son Robert and his wife Mary Petty.

I give the beastgate on Dacre Pasture to my son Thomas Petty

[There then follows a considerable amount more and I suggest you read in detail. Names are extracted only for your convenience.]

Ann Thompson - Henry Smithson of Leeds - Margaret Smithson Anthony Thompson of High Woodall (his son-in-law) - William Bowcock - Joseph Aray - Mary Thompson (his daughter) - Samuel Bradley - William Meadley - Peter Lax - Christiana Bradley late of Hartwith - Robert Pullan (son of Christiana Bradley) - Miles Robinson (son-in-law of Christiana Bradley) - Betty Ridsdale, Mary Robinson, and Sarah Holmes (Children of Christiana Bradley) - William Petty (his son) - Mary Musk - William Williamson - Robert Williamson - Anthony Garth - Richard Kidson - William Petty of Padside, deceased (his father) - John Graham

William Petty is sole executor.

Witnesses : Joseph Steel, John Varley, William Steel

Probate 10th February 1808. Effects under 100.

Pencil note showing : Thomas Petty, Mary Grange, James Petty, and John Petty, to be the children of Robert and Mary Petty.




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