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Mary Pullan - 25th November 1808 - Y037

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Widow

All my real estate that was surrendered to me by George Demain of Bramleyhead, and the real estate surrendered to me by my brother Joseph Steel of Menwith cum Darley, together with my farming stock and personal estate to my brother Thomas Steel, my brother-in-law Robert Irish, and my son Thomas Pullan, Upon Trust :

Whereas my late husband William Pullan bequeathed all his personal estate to me and my brother Thomas, and my brother-in-law Christopher Pullan, Upon Trust, for the maintenance of his children, and the residue to me.

Whereas my late husband bequeathed to his children Betty, otherwise Elizabeth Pullan, Thomas Pullan, Mary Pullan, William Pullan, Joseph Pullan, and Hannah Pullan, 20 each when they reach 21. And as the greater number of them have now done so and the legacies not paid, my trustees are to now pay them this amount by raising the money from the sale of my estates as necessary.

My son Thomas to have the farm I now occupy and all the stock and utensils at a fair valuation.

Witnesses : William Steel, Thomas Petty

Probate 15th February 1809. Effects under 800.




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