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William Cook - 1st January 1809 - Y038

Whipley Moor, Gentleman

To my grandson Samuel Russell my set of cut glass castor with the silver tops, subject to the use by my wife Mary Cook.

To my granddaughter Ann Andrews, the wife of John Andrews, the residue of my plate.

To my wife all my household goods and furniture.

To John Andrews £200.

To my granddaughter Ann Russell, wife of Samuel, £10.

The residue of my estates to my friends Thomas Harrison, MD, of Bishopton, Richard Dearlove of Clint, Yeoman, and William Andrews the Younger of Birstwith, Yeoman, Upon Trust, for my wife’s use and to receive the profits.

At her death the interest on £800 to my granddaughter Ann Andrews, and my real estate to my grandson Samuel.

Witnesses : Francis Walker, Margaret Ewbank, Elizabeth Iles

Probate 27th April 1809. Effects under £200.

Available is the Renunciation by Dr Thomas Harrison.




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