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Benjamin Mason - 18th June 1808 - Y041

Knaresborough, Linen Manufacturer

My house and other real estate to my friend Ralph Dearlove of Knaresborough, my son-in-law James Harman, my son Richard Mason, and Samuel Powell of Scriven, Upon Trust to pay the rents/profits to my wife Mary Mason.

At her death to sell the same and divide the money amongst my children, Elizabeth Harman, Richard Mason, Ann Mason, Dorothy Mason, and Thomas Mason.

All my personal estate to my Trustees to allow my wife the use of the interest arising from it. At her death :

40 to my grandson Richard Mason, the son of my late son Christopher Mason.

20 to John Darley, the son of Elizabeth Mason, the widow of my son Christopher.

The residue to my children.

Witnesses : Robert Dent, John Bruce, William Cook

Probate 10th May 1809. Effects under 300.




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