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William Andrews - 25th February 1804 - Y048

Birstwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Andrews the part of he house I now occupy and an annuity of 16, along with the furniture and household contents, and two cows.

To my eldest son William Andrews that part of the house he occupies, along with the barn and oven house, and the close called Paddock's Head with the sycamore tree. Also the other closes called East Croft, Middle Croft, Walker Close and Paddocks. All chargeable with an annuity of 8 (part of the above 16 annuity) to my wife.

To my son Charles Andrews the ancient building called Stanps House with the adjoining closes in Birstwith and Felliscliffe now occupied by John Stead (except the allotment in Birstwith known as No 1199 on the Commissioner's award now in his occupation but to be devised to my sons James Andrews and John Andrews). Chargeable with an annuity of 2 (part of the above 16 annuity).

To my sons James and John the allotment No 1199 chargeable with an annuity of 4 (part of the above 16 annuity).

To my daughter Catharine Stansfield, wife of John Stansfield, the closes called Coal Field and Far Coal Field, occupied by William, also the allotment No 1206, also the allotment of freehold land at Felliscliffe awarded by the Commissioners in lieu of tithes. Also 50 to be paid by William.

To my son Michael Andrews that part of the house I now occupy, along with the High Barn. Also the four closes called High Farmile Wife Close, Low Farmile Wife Close, Low Pasture, and Fleck Field, and the road called Sleights Road. Chargeable with an annuity of 2 (part of the above 16 annuity).

The residue of my estates equally to my children.

I appoint my brother-in-law John Dickenson and his son John Dickenson as executors.

Witnesses : John Barret, Attorney at Law in Otley, Dorothy Bailey, servant to John Barret

Codicil - 3rd July 1805

Orders that debts and funeral expenses to be paid by his son William and not by his executors out of his estate.

Witnesses : James Collins, Edward Richardson, William Collins

Probate 17th October 1809. Effects under 100.




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