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Ann Atkinson - 11th February 1802 - Y051

Scriven with Tentergate, Widow

The waste building now in two houses in Church Lane, Scriven with Tentergate, also the close called Halfpenny Close now occupied by myself and William Taylor, also the interest on 100 secured on note to William Taylor, to my daughter Mary Taylor, wife of William Taylor.

At her death the same, plus 150, to be equally shared amongst her three sons John Taylor, William Taylor, and Peter Taylor.

Should Mary die before her youngest son reaches 21, then the same to her husband William Taylor, Upon Trust to apply the profits to the maintenance and education of her children.

The close called Moor Close at Gallow Hill near Knaresborough and the interest on 150 secured on note from John Dobson, to my daughter Ann Dobson.

At her death the same to her daughter Ann Dobson.

100 to William Taylor, Upon Trust to invest and apply the interest for my daughter Ann Dobson, and at her death to pay the principal sum to my granddaughter Ann.

[Then follows the division of named effects to the above legatees]

5 to my niece Ann Farrer of Pudsey.

2 2s to Jonathan Sweeting of Knaresborough.

The residue of my estate equally amongst my daughters Mary and Ann, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : Thomas Lambert, Thomas Clark, James Collins

Codicil - 7th April 1807

The 100 In Trust to William Taylor for Ann is revoked.

Witnesses : James Collins, John Watson

Probate 4th April 1810. Effects under 450.




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