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Thomas Craven - 11th August 1803 - Y054

Killinghall, Parish of Ripley, Gentleman

To my son John Craven the Copyhold house and land now occupied by him at Killinghall, chargeable with 400 to my daughter Mary Craven and the annuity of 20 to my daughter Jane Craven.

To my son Thomas Craven the house now occupied by John Marshall and John Ingleson. Also the land at Killinghall that I bought off Conyers Norton. Also the close called Quarry Close at Killinghall which adjoins the Killinghall/Harrogate turnpike road. I appoint him executor.

To my wife Elizabeth Craven an annuity of 30 chargeable to the lands devised to my son Thomas. Also an undivided moiety in the house, which I bought from my brother Richard Craven, at Killinghall, in which I now live. At her death the same to my daughter Jane.

Witnesses : Horner Reynard, Pickering Robson, Jane Brown.

Probate 11th July 1810. Effects under 450.




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