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William Pullan - 14th April 1810 - Y058

Menwith with Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite

I have 360 with my brothers Thomas Pullan and Joseph Pullan, of Menwith with Darley and a bed and bedding in the house of my brother Thomas.

60 of the 360 and the bed and bedding to my wife.

The remaining 300 to my brother Thomas and my brother-in-law William Myers, Upon Trust to place at interest and use the interest towards the support of my daughter Elizabeth Pullan.

At the death, or re-marriage, of my wife the 300 to be divided into six parts :

One part to my wife, if living, or to whom she nominates in her Will.

One part each to my brothers and sisters : Thomas Pullan, Joseph Pullan, Betty alias Elisabeth Pullan, the wife of Thomas Pullan of Menwith with Darley, farmer, Mary Skaife, wife of Smith Skaife of Dacre with Bewerley, and Hannah Pullan.

Witnesses : Thomas Petty, William Myers

Probate 31st October 1810. Effects under 450.




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