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William Furniss - 11th October 1813 - Z002

Menwith with Darley, Blacksmith

To my wife Mary Furniss with a bed, bedding and sufficient furniture for a house.

All my blacksmith tools to my two sons Thomas Furniss and Joseph Furniss.

Remainder of my personal estate to my two sons John Furniss and Joseph Furniss and my wife upon Trust to sell and invest for my wife. After the death of my wife then the investment to be shared as follows: 25 to my son John Furniss; 20 each to the rest of my children - Rachel Furniss, Sarah Furniss, Thomas Furniss, Elizabeth Furniss, Joseph Furniss and Jane Furniss, and the remainder to be equally divided amongst my ten children.

My farm to my son Joseph Furniss.

I appoint my sons John and Joseph and my wife as joint executors.

Witnesses : John Theaker, John Myers, John Skaife




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