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Christopher Hogg - 22nd January 1813 - Z004

Bilton with Harrogate, Linen Weaver

To my nephew William Morley my house and outbuildings at Bilton now in occupation of Peter Spink or his tenant subject to payment of following legacies 12 months after my death. 

To my brother Richard Hogg 100
To my nephew George Taylor 220
To my nephew John Morley 40
To my nephew Robert Morley 10
To my niece Frances the wife of Joseph Windus 10

If George Taylor dies before his legacy becomes due then it is to be divided between John and Robert equally.

Residue of estate to William Morley subject to payment of debts and funeral expenses.

Witnesses : Francis Pullan, William Pullan, James Collins

Inrolled 25th August 1813 and sworn to be less than 10




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