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Frederick Stoner - 21st April 1813 - Z008

Pannal, Yeoman

All my copyhold property in Pannal occupied by myself and all other real estate in which I have a share along with all the furniture, bedding, livestock, farming stock and utensils and personal estate to my son Thomas Stoner and my wife Ann Stoner until my youngest son Benjamin Stoner becomes 21 Upon Trust.

If my wife dies or remarries before that event then the Trust is to be my son Thomas Stoner, my brother David Stoner and my brother-in-law Thomas Kent.

After my youngest becomes 21 then my house and the five closes of land next to it called Well Garth, House Close, Jack Lands, Far Pasture and Far Close together with the road seven yards wide, over the close called Four Day Mowing devised to my son John Stoner, from Jack Lands, and also the residue of my personal estate to my son Thomas Stoner. Subject to a road for my son Frederick Stoner across the bottom of Well Garth to and from Grace Close, Low Close and Wethow. Chargeable with £500 now secured to William Rainforth of Burton Leonard, and a further £200 to my son David Stoner and £100 to my daughter Sarah Stoner.

When my youngest son becomes 21 then Grace Close, Well Close and Wethow to go to my son Frederick Stoner chargeable with £200 to my son Benjamin Stoner. Also Low Intack and Four Day Mowing to my son John Stoner chargeable with £100 to my daughter Ann Stoner.

£150 to my wife which she is entitled to under her fatherís Will.

I appoint my son Thomas Stoner and my wife as executors and Trustees.

Witnesses : William Fairbank, Francis Fairbank, John Fairbank

Probate 8th September 1813. Effects under £100.

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