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John Skirrow - 25th November 1813 - Z011

Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

All my real estate at Leathley to my wife Ann Skirrow and William Bentley of Pannal, Gentleman, and Thomas Chippendale, of Knaresborough, Mason, Upon Trust and to use the rents for the upkeep of my son Samuel Skirrow and then conveyed to him at 21.

Should my son die before he is 21 then the same is to go to my wife and daughter Ann Skirrow as joint tenants.

To my daughter Ann Skirrow 600 when she is 21. Should she die before 21 then the same to go to my wife and son.

To my mother [mother-in-law?] Mary Atkinson an annuity of 5.

Witnesses : Bryan Prockter, Francis Haw, William Collins

Died 15th February 1814. Probate 6th May 1814. Effects under 800.

Inventory by Michael Dunnell and Bryan Prockter available.




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