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William Fawdington - 28th September 1811 - Z026

Scriven with Tentergate, Porter Merchant

All my real and personal estate to Sarah Ellis of Scriven, Spinster, chargeable with the following legacies:

To my godson William Fothergill 20. To my godson Jesse Life 10. To my godson William Rightson 10. To Thomas Spence of Tollerton 50. To Sarah Spence of Tollerton 20. To William Spence of Tollerton 10. To Robert Spence 10. To Isabella Craven 10. To Thomas Hornby 20. To William Meynard of Sutton on the Forest 20. To Lancelot Smith of Harrogate, Husbandman, 20. To John Waite 10.

All the above to be paid, six months after the death of my wife, to my friend Samuel Powell who is to pay the sums to my legatees.

To my friends William Stamper, James Cundall, John Storr, George Jackson, Samuel Powell and Thomas Ingle 2 2s each for the purpose of purchasing a ring each.

To Samuel Powell 50 for his trouble.

I appoint Sarah Ellis my executrix.

Witnesses : Rachel Milner, Ann Jackson, Thomas Benson

Codicil - 18th August 1813

To Sarah Spence 10 in addition to the 10 already given. 10 each to Robert Spence and William Spence as additional legacies. 20 each to Hannah Spence, Mary Spence, Ellen Spence, Maria Spence and Phoebe Spence after the death of my wife.

To Thomas Benson who now lives with Mrs Lamplaugh 5.

Whereas William Meynard, Lancelot Smith and Thomas Ingle have died since making my Will; I confirm my Will in all other respects.

Witnesses : Mary Taylor, Maria Foster




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