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Robert Byron - 11th March 1803 - Z051


To my wife Elizabeth Byron an annuity of 14 10s to be paid out of my houses in Gracious Street occupied by Margaret Abbey, widow, Wilson James Coates and Thomas Abbey. Also a bed, bedstead and bedding and enough furniture for one room.

To my son William Byron the sum of ??? for mourning.

To my son Joseph Byron 50 when he becomes 21.

To my daughters Mary Byron and Susanna Pratt and Margaret Campey 50 each.

To my daughter Elizabeth Byron 80.

If my wife dies within 4 years of my death then I give a further 10 to Joseph and a further 50 to Elizabeth.

The remainder of my real and personal estate to my son Robert Byron whom I appoint executor along with my daughter Elizabeth.

Witnesses : Thomas Driffield, James Collins, William Robinson

Codicil - 11th March 1803

My wife can continue to live with my son Robert and the annuity to her shall be paid to him for her maintenance.

Codicil - 11th May 1809

As my wife Elizabeth and son William have now died I give a further 50 to Joseph and a further 50 to Mary and a further 50 to Peggy Campey and a further 15 to Susanna Pratt.

Witnesses : William Robinson, Robert Dearlove

Codicil - 6th May 1815

To my son Joseph a further 70. To Betty Byron 70. To Mary Byron 70. To Peggy Campey 70 and to Susanna Pratt 35.

Witnesses : William Robinson, Robert Dearlove

Testator died 16th December 1815. Probate 22nd December 1815. Effects under 1000.




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