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John Oliver - 24th June 1816 - Z058

Ripley, Flour Dealer

To my wife Hannah Oliver all my household goods, implements of trade and all other my personal estate and effects. Should she remarry then the above is revoked and I give her 40 and the personal estate to go to my daughter Mary Anne Oliver.

Should my daughter die then the above to go to my nephew Robert Moore, my niece Mary Lazenby and my sister-in-law Margaret Clark.

To my mother Mary Clark 10.

To my sister Hannah Oliver 5.

I appoint Barnabas Wilkes of Ripley, farmer, John Lazenby of Knaresborough, innkeeper, and my wife Hannah Oliver as executors.

Witnesses : William Shutt, Howell W Powell

Died 29th June 1816. Probate 22nd August 1816. Effects under 300.

On 22nd August 1816 Barnabas Wilkes and John Lazenby renounce as executors.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, Matthew Gibb, John Firth




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