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William Thackwray - 4th March 1813 - Z064

Sulphur Wells, Innkeeper

To my wife 100.

To the Reverend Thomas Tate of Sheriff Hutton and my son Joseph Thackwray all my leasehold land, household goods, furniture, beds, bedding, plate linen, stock of liquors, stock of cattle, chaises an other carriages, hay, corn, straw, husbandry and all other my personal estate, Upon Trust.

To my wife an annuity of 80 to be paid in halves in June and December.

To Thomas Tate and Joseph Thackwray an annuity of 60 during the life of my son William Thackwray.

To my daughter Mary, as long as she lives apart from her husband, 1 1s per week. If her husband resides with her then this payment ceases and in lieu an annuity of 30 to be paid. These sums of money are to be free of payment of her husband debts.

To my son Joseph Thackwray all my real estate subject to the payment of 2,000 each to my sons Thomas Thackwray and John Thackwray one year after their 21st birthday. If Joseph dies without any children then my real estate is to go in succession to Thomas then John.

To Thomas Tate 10 for the trouble in the execution of my Will.

The residue of my estate to my son Joseph.

I appoint Thomas Tate and Joseph Thackwray as my executors and guardians to Thomas and John.

Witnesses : William Collins, Hugh Crawford, S P Pullan

Codicil - 17th January 1814

To my wife Mary Thackwray the northern half of the newly erected house or lodging house at Sulphur Wells. Also the furniture in that half at the time of my death.

Witnesses : William Collins, Thomas Ripley, Joseph Brayshaw, Ostler at the Crown, Low Harrogate

Codicil - 25th January 1814

To my son Joseph Thackwray the house that I have recently purchased from Joshua Smith of Spofforth.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, William Collins, Joseph Brayshaw

Will proved 25th July 1814




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