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William Hardisty - 21st June 1814 - Z074

Redshaw, Thurcross, Gentleman

To my wife Margaret Hardisty an annuity of 40. Also the parlour with the room above and the back kitchen and the garden at Redshaw.

To my brother John Hardisty my house at Redshaw and all other real estate at Redshaw and at Rotten Row in Thurcross, chargeable with the 40 annuity and any other legacy that cannot be met from my personal estate.

To my wife 200.

To my nephew William Hardisty 100.

To my wife bedding, furniture and plate she may chose to furnish a house.

To my brother-in-law Nathaniel Illingworth and his three children 300.

To my sister Hannah Illingworth and her three children 300.

To my sister Jane Squires and her children 300.

To John Gill, son of Matthew Gill of Knaresborough, Innholder, by Sarah Gill, his late wife who was my niece, 100.

To Hannah Gill and Sarah Gill, daughters of Matthew Gill, 50 each.

To the five children of John Bake of Grassington, Carpenter, by Hannah Bake, his late wife who also was my niece, 150 to be equally shared.

To my brother Joseph Hardisty 5s.

The residue of my personal estate to go to my wife and my brother John Hardisty, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : Robert Peel, John Mudd, Christopher Ramshaw

Died 29th June 1914. Probate 18th August 1814. Effects under 600.




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