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Joseph Jaques - 21st July 1813 - Z077

Knaresborough, Pot Merchant

All my real estate to my wife Mary Jaques and upon her death to Jeremiah Sagar of Knaresborough, Surgeon, Upon Trust to sell and divide into three shares.

One share to the children of my late daughter Mary Bruce. One share to my daughter Dorothy Horner. One share to my daughter Elizabeth Jaques

To my wife all my stock-in-trade, household furniture and personal estate.

Witnesses : William Jeffrey, William Collins

Codicil - 6th August 1813

Thomas Burton is appointed joint executor with Jeremiah Sagar.

Witnesses : William Forster, William Jeffrey, James Collins 

Died 26th August 1813. Probate 15th February 1814. Effects under 200.

Inventory by William Allinson available




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