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Sarah Slingsby - 5th May 1806 - Z087

Knaresborough, Spinster

To the Dowager Lady Slingsby 20. 

To Mary Clap? The wife of the Rev Samuel Clap? and to Ann Fox the wife of John Fox 10 each.

To Dorothy Wilkinson the widow of Andrew Wilkinson 20.

To my two goddaughters Anna Fox and Dorothy Lawson 20 each.

To my upper servant Isabella Spence if still with me at my death 100. If no longer with me then 20 to any other servant working in her capacity.

To my under servant Mary Brown 10.

My clothes to be equally divided amongst my servants.

I appoint my nephew Sir Thomas Slingsby executor and give him 50 for his troubles. I also give him a necklace consisting of 48 pearls.

The residue of my personal estate I give to my two nephews Sir Thomas Slingsby and Charles Slingsby.

Witness : Robert Stockdale

Died 25th April 1818. Probate 4th June 1818. Effects under 3,000




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