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James Hardisty - 12th January 1817 - Z091

Padside, Farmer

To my son William Hardisty the farm in which I now live and may buy all my farming stock (except the flock of geese) and dairy equipment for 100

To my daughters Mary Hardisty and Elizabeth Hardisty the flock of geese.

My executors are to allow a yearly sum to my son William Hardisty for the upbringing of my two infant children George Hardisty and Hannah Hardisty.

When my youngest reaches 21 then the residue of money is to be equally divided amongst the following of my children - William Hardisty, John Hardisty, Jane Jowet the wife of William Jowet, Mary Hardisty, Elizabeth Hardisty, James Hardisty, Francis Hardisty, Christopher Hardisty, George Hardisty and Hannah Hardisty.

I appoint my trusty friends Joseph Ellis of Thornthwaite and Thomas Petty of Padside and my son William Hardisty as joint executors.

Witnesses : John Wigglesworth, Matthew Holmes

Died 14th January 1817. Probate 19th March 1817. Effects under 200




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