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William Beck - 29th July 1817 - Z092

Beckwithshaw, Farmer

To my son William Beck 110.

To my daughter Jane Beck 90.

To my son Jeremiah Beck 90 when he is discharged from the Army. If he dies before discharge then the 20 is to go to his daughter Mary Beck when she becomes 21 and the 70 to go to my other children.

To the three children of my daughter Ellen Wright 20 each.

To my daughter Mary Crosland 1 per year.

To the children of my daughter Mary Crosland 20 in equal shares.

To my wife Nancy Beck 50 and all the furniture she brought to my house.

To my two sons Moses Beck and Aaron Beck all my money and personal estate subject to payment of the above legacies and annuity.

The late John Clark of Pannal appointed me and Abraham Barrett of H??hwaite Hill, Harewood, Farmer and Thomas Barritt of the same place, Farmer, joint executors in Trust. I alone proved the Will and took the burden of execution. And whereas there remains in the hands of William Crosby of Pannal at interest the sum of 800. I now direct that the 800 remains at interest.

My son Moses Beck is to have the tenant right of my farm.

I appoint my sons Moses Beck and Aaron Beck joint executors.

Witnesses : Abraham Stubbs, Richard Snell

Died 2nd August 1817. Probate 3rd September 1817. Effects under 600.




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