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William Buck - 25th September 1810 - Z104


To my wife Mary Buck all my real estate at Thornthwaite. After her death that real estate currently occupied by myself and my son William Buck to my son Bolland Buck, except 1 acre of land on the north side of Birkell Field (staked from a field owned by Benjamin Holmes) and a piece of waste land called the Allotment on the south side of the Thornthwaite - Darley road.

The real estate devised to my son Bolland Buck is to be charged with £400 towards the £700 debt currently charged on my estate at Thornthwaite and due to my friend Joseph Metcalfe of Darley. This estate is to be further charged with £90 payable to my son Thomas Buck of Fewston for the maintenance of his ancient mother. Also a further sum of £5 a year to my daughter Mary Snow of Padside.

To my son Bolland Buck my two cattlegates and other tithes owned by me upon a pasture called Dacre Pasture.

After my wife’s death the real estate currently occupied by Bolland Buck and Peter Buck, and purchased off Thomas Dawson late of Holbeck, to my son Peter Buck. This estate to be chargeable with £300 towards the £700 previously mentioned. Also chargeable with £40 to my son William Buck, Tanner, and £100 to my daughter Susanna Longbottom the wife of Mark Longbottom, Clerk.

After my wife’s death I give :

To my son Thomas Buck one bed and bedding from the Parlour Chamber.

To my daughter Susanna Longbottom one chest of drawers from the Parlor Chamber.

To my daughter Mary Snow, widow, 3 large silver tea spoons.

To my daughter Susannah Longbottom 3 large silver tea spoons.

To my son Bolland Buck 1 silver pint and 2 silver table spoons.

The residue of my estate I give to my sons Bolland Buck and Peter Buck whom I appoint as executors.

Witnesses : John Hardcastle, John Jackson, Christopher Ranshaw

Testator died 15th April 1817. Probate 6th May 1817. Effects sworn under £100.

Inventory by John Hardisty available.

[Mortgage to Joseph Metcalfe available at B12 - 374 - Wakefield?]




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