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Thomas Emsley - 30th October 1817 - Z111

Felliscliffe, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Emsley an annuity of 10 payable out of a Mortgage at Baildon and out of my Copyhold property at Fewston. Also a cottage in Fewston now occupied by Jane Prat. On her death or remarriage then the same to go to my two sons William Emsley and Thomas Emsley.

To my wife an armchair, one round table, one corner cupboard and a feather bed with bedstead and bedding.

To my daughter Mary Myers 50 to be paid to her by my two sons after the death of my wife.

To my youngest son Thomas Emsley a half share in the two houses, two shops and two garths in Fewston, once he becomes 21. He is also to half of my personal estate less 30 due to me on note from Benjamin Young. This 30 to go to my eldest son William Emsley over and above his equal half of the above real estate.

Also to my eldest son William Emsley a small tenement in Blandhill, Clifton with Norwood and a half share in the above property with his brother.

I appoint my son William Emsley and Thomas Kent of Pannal joint executors.

Witnesses : William Swires, William Manby, George Metcalfe

Inrolled 17th December 1817

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