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James Paley - 8th August 1817 - Z113

Knaresborough, Gentleman

To my daughter Elizabeth Paley all my real estate at Batten Row at Thruscross and £500.

To my daughter Agnes Paley my houses known as the Boar’s Head Inn in the Swine market and Kirkgate in Knaresborough and £500.

To my daughter Margaret Paley all my real estate at Scotton and £700.

To my son Thomas Paley and my friend John Henlock my house in the market place at Knaresborough known as the Harewood Arms, with the adjoining buildings that I bought off the late Richard Lund, upon Trust to pay the rents and profits to my daughter Mary Wilson and then to her children until the youngest is 21. Then to sell and share amongst her children. If Mary dies without children then the same is to be divided amongst my four children mentioned above.

To Thomas Paley and John Henlock £300 on Trust for the use of my daughter Mary for her children. The residue on Trust to be split amongst my other four children.

The remainder of my real estate to my son Thomas Paley whom I appoint sole executor.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, John Firth, Junior, Matthew Gill, Junior

Codicil - 8th August 1817

The newly erected house in the High Street in Knaresborough with so much of the yard behind as will range in a direct line with the gable end wall adjoining the house now in the possession of Joseph Mason opposite to the westward end of the house now occupied by Christopher Westron unto my three daughters so long as they remain spinsters.

The remaining part of the property I bought from Charles Marshall be chargeable.

Witnesses : Samuel Powell, Mary Shephard

Probate 1st January 1818. Inrolled 7th January 1818




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